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Accompaniment of people through yoga and personal development. Classes, workshops and training oriented to your physical – mental health, wellbeing and self – knowledge. Integrating the traditions of BKS Iyengar, Traditional Yoga and Kashmir Shivaism.
matrika YOGA “Yoga as a philosophy of life”
YOGA for the consciousness of BEING

Yoga is a philosophy of life that allows us to reconnect with our body, teaches us to observe and understand our emotions, helps us in our human relationships and brings us back into contact and respect with nature, helping us to understand our own life process and the of those people that surround us.

Stress, bad habits, lack of time, disconnection with nature affect our nervous system generating a state where the body, mind and breathing do not work in harmony.

This project was created with the purpose of serving as a context for self exploration through physical yoga, breathing, meditation and work within human relationships. Through personal-human development and to observe our relationships and our way of communicating in our daily lives, Matrika Yoga seeks to collaborate as a tool of social pacification and to train free, healthy, emotionally intelligent human beings capable of expressing themselves and collaborating towards a change where you can work in favor of a more conscious society.


Schedule of Activities

Classes, workshops, retreats and trainings oriented to deepen in the different aspects of yoga, integrating the different branches of Yoga. Immersions to Yoga to help you in your personal growth, how you relate in your day to day life and improve your physical and mental alignment. Yoga for the conscious of being and stay present.

Private Classes

Working with People with Yoga for self Discovery. Classes, workshops, retreats, travels and trainings for your physical and mental well being. Integrating the traditions of BKS Iyengar, traditional Hatha Yoga and Kashmir Shaivism (Non dual tantra). A contemporary approach guiding people with Yoga, meditation, Coaching and leadership for a more Conscious Humanity.
About me
Extensive training in the oldest traditions of Yoga and other disciplines of exploration, but above all the learning acquired through the people and customs with which I have found myself on trips, have helped me to grow as a person accompanying others in their own inner journey towards personal growth.

Yoga does not hide only in yoga. Yoga is hidden in literature, dance, sculpture, music, martial arts, nature, singing, the sea, the sun, the earth, the air, breathing, inspiration, expiration, illness , health, our daily human relationships, communications, respect for nature …

matrika yoga

Yoga is a philosphy of Life


Undoubtedly Yoga is much more than a few hours a week to exercise body and mind. It is complicated to understand this discipline when practice is not integrated along with knowledge – theory – philosophy. We work from the integration of yoga traditions such as the Bks Iyengar method (known for structural alignment), traditional yoga and the non-dualistic Tantric philosophy of Shaivism of Kashmir. At the same time we have a more current look at the subject incorporating techniques that help self-exploration: coaching, personal leadership, group work.

Matrika Chakra is the theory of the alphabet. This theory teaches us that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Everything we perceive outside, we have inside. The context in which we live; city, friends, couple, relationships, work is a reflection of the inner work that we have made of self-discovery. Accepting as is beyond fear, jealousy and hatred is the step to change our reality and live a life in harmony with our values ​​where you can build from the union.

“I know how you are, because the goal is already realized, who better than you can teach you what to whom?
Vijnana Bhairava

Mantras for a Yoga class

OṂ namaḥ Śivāya guraveSaccidānanda mūrtayeNiṣprapañcāya śāntāyaNirālambāya tejaseI bow down to Shiva the guruWho assumes the forms of Reality, Consciousness and Joy, Who is ever present and full of peace,Totally independent and who illuminates every single thing.Me...

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What is ShivaShakti and non-dualism?

When one begins on the path of self-knowledge, when one awakens in the so-called spiritual path, in Shivaism of Kashmir, as well as in Advaita Vedanta, a question arises that is essential: Who am I? Who am I? ... The resolution due to the exploration of this question...

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what is prana and pranayama?

WHAT IS PRANA & PRANAYAMA? Prana is the energy that we find in all the beings and things of the universe, in some books it is explained that prana is the vital energy that we possess and that is found in the universe. Prana refers to physical, mental,...

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