Yoga and Tantra Retreats in Sierra de gredos

Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation Retreats in the Mountains of Spain

Pablo Ferrero, Director of Matrika Yoga School, leads these retreats. Both he and his collaborators are responsible for making these retreats possible. Pablo is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, holds a diploma in yogic studies from the University of Pune and the Bihar School of Yoga, and has diplomas in Osteopathy, as well as specialization in Ayurvedic massage and nutrition. He is also a student of Ayurvedic medicine and other Eastern philosophies such as Tibetan Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism.

Collaborating with him are teachers in the fields of yoga, dance, feminine sexuality, sound therapy, and meditative arts.

Our retreats combine major yogic traditions, such as Iyengar Yoga, traditional Hatha Yoga, and Tantra Yoga, promoting a unique integration. Practices from Tibetan Buddhism, such as compassion, impermanence, and unconditional love (bodhicitta), are also incorporated. The Sierra de Gredos, located in Extremadura and Ávila, provides an exceptional natural environment for the practice of Yoga and Meditation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We have the collaboration of experts in meditative arts, spiritual dances, and various natural and complementary therapies. If you want to get to know those who will accompany us in future editions, please refer to the specific information for each retreat.

All our programs are conducted in both English and Spanish, providing an inclusive and enriching experience.

All our retreats are conducted in both English and Spanish.

Retreats in Sierra de Gredos: What do we offer you at Matrika Yoga?

You will practice Iyengar Yoga, meditation, and engage in various self-discovery dynamics. These are aimed at both yoga practitioners and teachers who wish to deepen their self-discovery and personal practice.

Iyengar Yoga classes (Ashtanga Yoga by Patanjali or Raja Yoga) will be conducted. You will practice meditations derived from Tibetan Buddhism, traditional Tantra practices from Kashmir, and other active and contemplative meditations.

Our Yoga retreats in Sierra de Gredos are held within a 2 to 2.5-hour distance from Madrid, easily accessible by both public and private transportation. Both practitioners and yoga teachers receive a certificate of attendance for each retreat, counting as Continuing Education hours (Yacep).

We conduct these retreats in the Sierra de Gredos throughout the year. If you prefer good weather, you can choose a summer yoga retreat. However, if you want to start the year in the most relaxed way possible, there are also New Year’s yoga retreats. We offer weekend deepening retreats every month. Traditionally, we conduct retreats during Easter and the May holiday weekend.

“Allow yourself to be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”

  • Rumi

Sierra de Gredos. Magic in the Mountains!

We offer Retreats in Sierra de Gredos throughout the year, because it is our second home since 2014 when we started organizing Yoga, hatha, vinyasa krama and traditional tantra retreats and trainings.

A magical place full of sacred places where nature; mountains, rivers, forests, flora, fauna and white quartz serve as a reconnection with the nature of being. Besides. the mountains have perfect orographic characteristics so that you can find that optimal space for self-inquiry. You just need to sit on one of the stones of the Sierra, close your eyes and feel how your body relaxes and how your physical, mental, respiratory and psychic energy harmonize.

At Matrika Yoga School, we always want to give you the best and we know from experience that one of the best ways for you to advance in your Yoga practice is to be able to connect with nature, taking time for yourself and delving into inner silence.

Our retreats:

  • Weekend Iyengar Yoga Deepening Retreats (Throughout the year)
  • Summer Retreats in July and August (Come whenever you want)
  • Easter retreat.
  • May Bridge Retreat
  • End of Year Retreat.
  • Yoga Retreats for Women.



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