Osteopathy in Madrid

¿What is Osteopathy?

Therapist: Pablo Ferrero

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine and therapy that emphasizes the structural, visceral and craniosacral manipulation of the body. Treat the disease as a whole.

Osteopathy is the science and art of diagnosing and treating mobility dysfunctions of the tissues of the human body that cause disorders and disturb the state of health of the body and mind.

Osteopathy follows application laws such as “The Law of the Artery”, “The Structure governs the function” and the “Unity of the Body”.

Structural Osteopathy

Structural osteopathy is based on four basic laws:

  • the unity of the body
  • Structure governs function
  • The principle of self-regulation of the body
  • The law of the artery

Structural Osteopathy is one of the pillars on which osteopathic medicine is based, and consists of the diagnosis and treatment of dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. I would like to highlight what osteopathy IS NOT. We all know the osteopath for crunching the bones, some even speak of repositioning, or putting in place. We must change this concept. In our center we work first with chiromassage, fasciotherapy, muscle energy and articulatory techniques.

The most normal thing is that the vertebrae or the bones are placed with these techniques and that the crunches, if they have to be done, are soft and organic thanks to the previous preparation of the deep tissue.

Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy is a manual technique, in which a type of lesion framed in osteopathic knowledge will be palpated, diagnosed, and correction techniques will be applied during a series of sessions that should bring the patient back to physiological normality.

The reason why this discipline falls under general osteopathy is sometimes discussed, since the very name seems to rule out its inclusion. Although it is true that it is not the obvious field of application, the most superficial study will reveal that osteopathy cannot be understood without the visceral technique, since an injury in an individual will affect the rest of the organism to a greater or lesser extent, for a compensation mechanism or by indirect effect, and this is widely observed in osteopathic practice, when it is observed that a lesion of a vertebral segment affects not only the dermatome, but also the viscerotome.

Sacro Cranial Osteopathy

Concept Sacrocranial osteopathy Branch of "classical" osteopathy that aims to detect and correct health problems derived from a malfunction of the cranial system and its relationship with the sacrum. Concept Primary respiratory mechanism (MRP) Hydraulic system that produces certain Movements due to fluctuations in cerebrospinal fluid in areas such as the brain, spinal cord, skull bones (through sutures), intracranial and intraspinal membranes, and involuntary mobility of the sacrum between the iliac muscles. This mechanism is called "primary" because it is supposed to be directly linked to the internal tissue respiration of the central nervous system, which is responsible for carrying out the regulation of pulmonary respiration and the set of different bodily functions.

What are the benefits of this set of therapies?

Reduces muscle tension.
relieves joint pain
Realigns the structure of the body
Relieves stress and induces relaxation.
Restores and maintains energy levels.
improves flexibility
Increases mobility and range of motion.
Improves respiratory capacity.
Supports recovery from sports injuries
Maintains proprioceptive sensitivity
Promotes circulation.
Facilitates a restful sleep.
Treats migraines, headaches.
Reduces swelling
Facilitates digestion.
Promotes mindfulness
Relieves lumbar, cervical, back, hip, nervous system, depression, anxiety, etc. problems.


60 euros for first 90 minutes session / 50 euros for the rest of the 75 minutes sessions.


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