Yoga, the deconstruction of identity

18 April, 2019

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Dharana 116 Vijnana Bhairava

When we are sad, we want to be happy. When we are calm, we want to be active. When we feel anger, we want peace. When we are at peace, we get restless. When we are angry, we smile. When we feel envy, we hide it. When we feel fear, we run away from it. When we want something, what we wanted so much drown us or we are ashamed to want it. When we have freedom, freedom loses us. When we commit, we drown. When we are lost we want to meet. When we need something, we ignore it. And in that way we continue swimming in a sea of ​​frustrations for wanting to be something that we are not, to feel something that we do not feel and not to express that inner fire that so much wants to be expressed.

How can a human being feel fulfilled if at no time is he connected to the reality of the process he is going through?

We forget to feel, to get emotionally involved with the present and let the process of our lives teach us through our own experience, of our own existence. In this way we remain in constant guilt for being who we are and for feeling what we feel. With fear to express the internal and shame to get out of the rule, stipulated, the system. We remain in this continuous contraction where the responsibility for our actions is placed in the hands of a system that educates to generate flocks of people without freedom of expression, without freedom to be.

Fearful not to be loved for being who he is, afraid to not be accepted for feeling what he feels, the yogi of today has forgotten that revolutionary act of being a yogi and has remained anchored in the forms, the suit, the etiquette, healthy eating, “goodness”, not drinking alcohol, not eating meat, not being assertive with their opinions and endless labels that do nothing but embellish a social facade full of fears and use yoga as morphine.

Current Yoga is a reflection of the society in which we live

Sometimes I see that yoga as it is understood today already has a form, some ways, a protocol of action that does nothing but reflect a society lacking space and time to connect with oneself. It is the yoga of the construction of the identity and of the emotional evasion by the frustration caused by a system that wants a submissive population, without capacity of choice, nor of opinion.

The vehicle towards the practice of yoga is the ardent desire to “be” to be fear, peace, to be anger, joy, tranquility, activity, euphoria, envy, generosity, individuality, collectivity, passivity, freedom, contraction, expansion and for so freedom within the contraction. The ardent desire to be, feel and say anything that the spontaneity and intensity of the moment provokes us. It is the expression of emotion that frees us and not the guilt, that clings us or generates fear. For me yoga is the commitment to be in a conscious way. There is nothing to change, there is nothing that has to come. Just stay awake before the events of life.

Deconstruct to build from nothing

The yogi first deconstructs his beliefs, introjects and learned and inherited conditionings in order to start building from nothing. Build from the lightness and innocence of the child that is allowed to be from the heart.

Yoga, alternative therapies and ancestral philosophies have been on the rise for many years now. And it is that this social change so longed for by many can only be done through self-knowledge, an individual and global internal change thanks to putting oneself in self-evaluation and the system that surrounds us.

Society and the system needs a deconstruction of identity, to be in a more innocent way. Our system needs a new vision of the future and an objective that includes respect for the individual and global processes of the human being.

Respect for our processes

The practice of yoga is an internal positioning of respect towards our own process and the process of the people around us. The process is what it is. We can not change the process. Staying as a witness to this process is the path of yoga, the path to the understanding that we are sentient beings.

Yoga is not only practiced with yoga

The belief that only with the practice of yoga is learned yoga is an illusion like many others. Yoga does not hide only in yoga. Yoga is hidden in literature, dance, sculpture, music, martial arts, nature, singing, the sea, the sun, the earth, the air, breathing, inspiration, expiration, illness , health, human relations, communication, respect for nature. All this and much more is yoga.

What’s more, calling yoga only yoga is a limitation in itself.

Yoga is ultimately the consciousness of being and letting be. Without mask.

Este texto no es una crítica ni al sistema, ni al yoga. Es el deseo de que aquellos que están en el camino del autoconocimiento, sigan ahí. Y que los que se encuentren nadando en la superficie, se atrevan a dar un paso más, a confiar que el cambio social, viene de un cambio interno de toma de consciencia.

Pero sobre todo es un texto que expresa lo que siento dentro de un espacio – tiempo limitado que forma parte de una toma de consciencia que es pasajera y que sigue evolucionando, confío.

If we accept how we are and how we feel, it would be hard for us not to express our anger. We would have a hard time keeping up with this imposed lifestyle.

Yoga is a deconstruction of identity

A deconstruction as an act of discipline to observe what our conditionings are, what is that internal itching that hurts us and does not allow us to see that as we are we are well, that as we feel is how it should be ?. It is a vehicle of change and pacification. First individual and therefore social.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”https://pabloferrero.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/ShivaShakti.-tantrismo.jpg” _builder_version=”3.7″][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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