35 h Yacep

In Madrid and Malaga

Iyengar Yoga and Traditional Tantra

In Madrid and Malaga

With Pablo Om Ji

From the integration of Iyengar Yoga, hatha, vinyasa krama and traditional Kashmir tantra. We will integrate meditative dances and non-dualistic meditations for the consciousness of Being.

Special emphasis on trika philosophy and meditations from Kashmir tantra. We will delve into texts of the Vijñana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva Sutras and Spanda Karikas.

35 hours of training accredited by the international Yoga Alliance for Yoga teachers and practitioners with at least 2 years of practice who want to deepen their practice and teaching methodology.

This training is given in 3 intensive weekends on Saturday and Sunday or in a week of experiential retreat.

Yoga Iyengar, hatha yoga and vinyasa krama are the yogic traditions that nurture this training in Yoga and traditional Tantra. Conscious alignment, traditional yoga and organic movement as gateways to physical sensation and the present moment.

We follow the Tantrika philosophy of Kashmir nondualism, traditional tantra from northern India.

For practitioners, yoga teachers, movement therapists, dancers and all those interested in their personal growth and deepen the yogic and meditation practices proposed here.

Training seminars to deepen the practice of yoga from the integration of the traditions of hatha Yoga, vinyasa Krama, Yoga Iyengar and the tantric non-dualism of Kashmir.

Non-duality does not mean the absence of apparent duality. What nondualism refers to is that oneself and our external world manifest in different ways, in different ways.

When the mind or consciousness projects a specific world in a dream, the world dreamed and projected, although it seems to be different, is actually the dreamer in its essence. Dream objects are nothing more than projected ideas or thoughts as things, objects.

These 35 hours of training are a deepening in the practice of yoga that serves both yoga practitioners who want to train in a solid way in this art and consolidated yoga teachers who want to deepen their practice – teaching.

We will practice asana, pranayama, meditation (static and dynamic), yoga nidras and group and individual dynamics for self-knowledge.

Each weekend facilitates 12 hours of YACEP training and the 35 Hours Retreat (Continuous training by the Yoga Alliance).




Non-dualistic meditations.
Trika philosophy. Cashmere tantra

Text reading: Vijñana Bhairava, Siva Sutras, Spanda Karikas.

Mantra chant.

Awareness with physical – emotional state.

Group and individual dynamics for self-knowledge.

Communication as a tool to transcend.

Conscious alignment through the asanas.

Healing through breathing

Meditative and spiritual dances

MÓDULO I. 12 horas.
La consciencia testigo de Shiva.

The Witness Consciousness of Shiva
Yoga Iyengar, hatha, vinyasa krama I
Pranayamas and breathing I.
Kashmir Tantra I
Yoga nidra and visualizations I
Voice and mantras I
Tantrikas Meditations I

with Pablo Om Ji

Spanda, the creative impulse

Spanda, the creative impulse

Yoga Iyengar, hatha, vinyasa krama I I
Pranayamas and breathing I I
Kashmir Tantra I I
Yoga nidra and visualizations I I
Voice and mantras I I
Tantrikas Meditations I I

with Pablo Om ji

The dance of Shiva and Shakti

Yoga Iyengar, hatha, vinyasa krama III
Pranayamas and breathing III
Kashmir Tantra III
Yoga nidra and visualizations III
Voice and mantras III
Tantrikas III Meditations
Meditative dances III

With Pablo Om Ji and Martha Jap Inder



23 y 24 de Mayo – módulo I

13 y 14 de Junio – módulo II

25 y 26 de Julio – módulo III

En Parvati Yoga Málaga



18 y 19 de Abril – módulo I

16 y 17 de Mayo – módulo I I 

6 y 7 de Junio  – Módulo III

En Fundación Asha kiran


Intensive weekends
135 euros the intensive weekend

Retreat Vivencial in July – 7 to 12 July (Complete Training)
580 euros (Shared room) 680 (Single room)

To make the reservation it is necessary to answer the REGISTRATION questions + 115 euros of 1st module reservation + 100 euros deposit (they will be deducted from the last module).

“If you keep your mind serene in the different states of desire, anger, greed, illusion, intoxication, envy. It is only then that reality is revealed to be behind all those states”

101 Vijñana Bhairava Tantra.


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