Tale of the disciple and the teacher

18 April, 2019

“The disciple knelt down to be initiated into the path of knowledge. The teacher approached and whispered in his ear a sacred mantra with the warning that he would not reveal it to anyone. “And what would happen if I did it?” The disciple asked. -The one to whom you reveal will be free of ignorance- replied the teacher-, on the other hand, you will be excluded from this seminar-. As soon as he heard these words, the disciple ran out to the market square and gathered a crowd around him, repeated the sacred mantra loudly so that everyone could hear it.

Having seen him, his fellow disciples quickly returned to the teacher to whom they told what had happened, asking also that he be expelled from the monastery as a disobedient.

The teacher smiled compassionately and said: -the boy does not need anything of what I can teach him. With his action he has already proven himself to be a teacher with all of the law-. “

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