Pablo Om Ji

My story

Learning through experience and walking

It is difficult for me to tell my story when the story has really created itself and I, as a human being, have given it my own interpretation. Born in Madrid back in the 80s in a “normal” family. Yoga, music, travel and my own life experience have been my great companions in life. Thanks to my family, teachers, loves and friends for having served as a reflection and mirror to observe and learn. Beyond technique, form, knowledge, what is essential is you.

Yoga came into my life when I was 16 years old … Just to accompany me in one of those moments where life is reeling strongly and it seems that everything as you knew it is falling apart. And it is that life … is in constant movement, where life and death dance together. I have dedicated my life to self-discovery, the broadest subject there can be. I’m sorry for nothing.

Working with music and sound, especially the voice, has always immersed me in rich places of learning.

The trips have made me surround myself with people as diverse as musicians, mystics, “crazy people”, criminals, prostitutes, shamans, homeless people, businessmen, “normal” people. I appreciate the wealth and the opportunity to have experienced from a young age the freedom to be.

Pablo Om Ji

For more than 15 years in the practice and teaching of Yoga, I have worked from the integration of different styles:

Iyengar Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa Krama, Restorative and Tantric Non-Dualism of Kashmir (Kashmir Shivaism). Ayurvedic masseur, chiromassage and musician at heart.

Graduate in journalism and communication sciences. Postgraduate in Coaching and Personal Leadership. Studies in Psychology.

Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, trained at the Institut Anuttara de Yoga Iyengar in Nice with Christian Pisano and June Whittaker. Trained in Integrative, Restorative Yoga, Women’s Yoga and Kashmir Tantra with Amit Raina and Lina Ma at the Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga, India. Diploma in Yogic Studies from Yoga Vidya Gurukul and the University of Pune.

I have lived and traveled annually to India since 2008 where I have trained and practiced with schools such as the Bks Iyengar (Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute, Pune) Bihar School of Yoga, Yog Ganga for Yoga Studies and Patanjala Yoga Kendra.

Traditional music student from India. I have studied with tabla and voice teachers.

I guide Yoga and adventure trips and retreats in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Morocco, Peru and India.

Teacher of Matrika Yoga, a school located in the Sierra de Madrid, where retreats and specialized training are taught.

I coordinate the formations of the Kashmir Shaivism School of yoga in Spain.

My Journey

Experience is gained by walking. When I look back and think about who I am now, it is dishonest to say that I am just my degrees or my hours of practice, study …

I am my family history, love, friendship, my human relationships, communication, my sexuality and ultimately we are the gaze with which we see the world.

I have worked as a journalist in Madrid, a street musician in Madrid and Europe and have guided adventure trips in Switzerland, Portugal, India, Peru and Morocco.

I’ve washed dishes and sold appliances in Toronto

At the age of 16 I traveled extensively in the Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa. I have lived in Berlin, India, Switzerland and Canada.

For several years I traveled through Southeast Asia soaking up the culture, customs and idiosyncrasies of these countries.

They tried to kidnap me in Prague at the age of 16. Kill in Serbia a year later. I almost lost my life in a motorcycle accident in Ladahk, the Indian tibet.

In Peru I was introduced to the medicine of the San Pedro Cactus (Echinopsis Pachanoi) which has been accompanying me in my walk.


  • Kashmir Yoga and Tantra Teacher Training with Amit Raina and Lina Ma at the Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga, India.

  • Restorative and therapeutic Yoga training with Amit Raina and Lina Ma at the Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga.

  • Official Iyengar Yoga teacher by RIMYI, Pune.

  • Trained in Iyengar Yoga and Kashmir Shivaism by Christian Pisano, France.

  • Yogic Studies at the Bihar School of Yoga.

  • Restorative Yoga training for pre & post natal women with Lina Ma at the Kashmir Shaivism School of Yoga.

  • Manual therapist (ayurveda, reiki, quiromassage)

  • Postgraduate in Coaching and Personal Leadership from the University of Barcelona (Gestalt, systemic, ontological)

  • Studies in Psychology. Uned, Spain (not completed)

  • Graduate in Journalism and Communication Sciences.

  • I have studied in Yoga schools like Yog Ganga for Yoga Studies, Patanjala Yoga Kendra, Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center, RikiaPeeth and Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

Other studies

  • Studies in the Feldenkreis Method with the Kinesiologist Roberto Liaskowsky, Chile.

  • Tai Chi Chuan training with Tony Maujiram in India.

  • Studies in Music Therapy and Sonotherapy at the Uned Foundation and with Rafa Monsonís and Román García Lampaya.

  • Studies in Kashmir Shivaism with Eric Baret and Mark Dyczkowski.

  • Ayurvedic Massage Training in Goa, Dharamshala and Kerala.

  • Chiromassage training at the Kabat School of Manual Therapies in Madrid.

  • Tibetan Buddhism studies at Tushita Meditation Center, Dharamshala, India

  • Studies in Tibetan Buddhism at Kopan Monastery, Nepal.





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