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The Art and Practice of Tranquility,

- 50 hours yacep - level I.
- With Pablo Om Ji
- In Madrid, Barcelona and Santander

Deepen this type of practice inspired by the teachings of BKS Iyengar. Since the integration of Iyengar, restorative, hatha yoga and vinyasa krama Yoga. A training in the art and practice of tranquility with an emphasis on conscious alignment, breathing and the use of therapeutic material.

For Yoga practitioners, teachers, therapists and movement experts. You will also learn voice techniques and mantra chanting.


Yoga and Kashmir Shaivism.

- 35 hours and accep.
- With Pablo Om Ji.
- In Madrid and Malaga

Delve into the art of Yoga and traditional Tantra. From the integration of Iyengar Yoga, hatha Yoga, vinyasa krama and the tantric non-dualism of Kashmir. For Yoga practitioners and teachers who want to deepen their practice and teaching methodology.

Tantra will teach you a very particular conception of your own reality and exposes a particular way of observing the world and living in it.

formación yoga para la mujer pre y post natal

Yoga and dance Pre & post natal

- 120 hours Yoga Alliance
- With Lina Ma and Martha Jap Inder.
- 12 - 18 April 2021 pre & amp; post.
- 13 - 19 October 2021 menstrual cycle.

Delve into the practice of restorative Yoga for pre & post natal Women. In this training you will also learn meditative and spiritual dances for work by and for women.

In this training of 2 experiential retreats of 1 week each, you will not only improve your teaching methodology if you are a teacher, but it is a self-discovery and self-practice work aimed at all kinds of experienced practitioners.


Presence and Conscious touch

- 50 h of training.
- With Pablo Om Ji
- Coming dates

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage integrates traditional Indian massage with stretches from Iyengar Yoga. In this massage, different types of Calamus oils and powder are used.

It is a massage that can be both therapeutic and relaxing and mixes rubs, kneading and stretching. Both hands and feet are used.

Its creator was Kusum Modak, Pune, India.


Our required training with all the necessary requirements of the International Yoga Alliance for training hours are accredited as continuous training hours Yacep, provider of continuing education.

They are taught by high quality and experienced teachers. We dedicate our lives to the teaching and dissemination of Yoga. All the members of our team have been practicing and teaching Yoga for more than 15 years.

Our formations, although they have a non-dogmatic character, are nourished by Yoga styles such as Iyengar, hatha yoga, vinyasa krama and traditional Kashmir tantra.

Lovers of Indian arts. We integrate dance, music and voice and sound work in our specialized trainingS and retreats

We have teachers from Inda and international origin who live and have lived in India for long periods of time.

Aimed at practitioners, Yoga teachers, therapists, health professionals and ultimately all those people who work through the body and mind or who want to do deep into personal development work. 

Some of the training we offer are:

Yoga and Traditional Tantra 35 h yacep.
Restorative Yoga and Pranayama 100h yacep.
Restorative Yoga and Dance for Women pre & post 120h Yoga Alliance.
Training in nutrition and Ayurvedic massage 80h.

All our formations have the yacep seal, which enables us to offer continuous training for Yoga practitioners and teachers endorsed by the Yoga Alliance International, one of the most recognized associations of Yoga teachers nationally and internationally.



Our way of accompanying and training has been nurtured by years of self-practice and exploration. Our methodology has a root in the most solid Yoga traditions as well as a contemporary look towards working with groups and human beings.

In Yoga, we work from the integration of Iyengar, hatha, vinyasa krama and restorative Yoga. The Tantrika philosophy of Kashmir inspires the philosophy of our school, making every passing student trust and immerse himself in his own life process.

The spontaneous, organic and free movement form the bases of our accompaniment, bringing elements from other disciplines such as dance, feldenkreis, tai chi and bioenergetics.


The students, apart from completing the training with more knowledge, carry out a process of self-discovery and transformation.

Through questions and answers we will explore together, to try to see the world in its different shades. Always avoiding value judgments.

We will share knowledge, learning, experience and self-exploration and we will try to look at life in a more serene way; exploring our limitations, virtues and gradually connecting with the experience of being consciousness.

Matrika Yoga and Self Discovery teaches how through the harmonization of the body and the mind we can connect with the impulse of the heart, the motor that moves everything …

We will work the physical, pranic and energetic body, to enjoy the intensity of the moment.





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