Yoga and mindfulness
for companies

Let's transform how we work.


More and more companies contact us asking for our services concerned about the health of their employees. Many Spanish companies have already realized that investing in physical and mental health for their workers is investing in the company itself and in better objectives.

The current lifestyle significantly influences the quality of work and the time it takes us to do it.

With the stress and tension that employees may suffer at work, the ancient techniques of Yoga and meditation accompanied by a contemporary vision through mindfulness and coaching – personal leadership serve as a tremendous help giving satisfactory results in a very short time – medium term.

After each session, workshop and / or retreat, the person feels more energetic and fresh to face a new day at work. In our services we focus on enhancing the team vision and union among colleagues, what is commonly called companies in the world: teambuilding.

Life is short, live passionately.

– Marc A. Pitman

Our goal is to offer unique and special tools and experiences that allow them to live healthier and happier.

We also offer classes and workshops in sound therapy, improvised dance, music therapy, artistry and ecstatic dance.

We trust Yoga, mindfulness and the arts as powerful tools for change towards a better future where conscious work environments serve as an engine for change in this new era that we have to go through together.


Some of the many benefits offered by the practice of Yoga and mindfulness in the company:

    • Happier and more motivated employees.
  • A much more positive work environment.
  • Fulfillment of the most effective objectives.
  • Greater creativity in employees.
  • An improvement in concentration and productivity.
  • Greater commitment of the company to its employees.
    Emotional and physical well-being for employees.
  • It improves the quality of treatment between human beings, clients and coworkers.
    Overall better performance.


  • Group and private Yoga class.
  • Yoga and / or mindfulness workshops.
  • Group and private mindfulness
  • Yoga and mindfulness retreats for companies
  • Yoga for anxiety and stress
  • Private life coaching sessions.
  • Training in Mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
  • Improvised dance classes.
  • Dance workshops.
  • Sound and vibration workshops.
  • Ecstatic dance for companies.
  • Conscious parties. In our conscious parties the consumption of alcohol or drugs is not allowed.

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