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On this page you will find the information related to the next Workshops and Formations that I teach in both Madrid and Barcelona.

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Immersion to Yoga "The Conscious Being"

Pablo Ferrero teaches. In one day, weekend and retirement format. From the integration of traditions we will share knowledge, learning, experience and self-exploration and try to look at life in a more serene way; exploring our limitations, virtues and gradually going to connect with the experience of the consciousness of being. We will align our physical, pranic and energetic body.

Pranayama and Chest Opening

Pranayama and opening of the heart
This workshop is an opportunity to continue to deepen our yoga practice, but above all to explore our respiratory process, restorative postures for the opening of the heart, sacrum and different energy points.

Each participant will learn to take care of their physical limitations or simply to continue advancing in their practice to enjoy their full potential.


Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hours

Students prepare for more than 3 months by acquiring a solid foundation and foundation in the teaching and practice of yoga with Pablo Ferrero (Spain). Amit Raina and Lina Ma (founders of the Ksschool of yoga) finish the training in a 10-day retreat where they will deepen the practice of yoga, lifestyle and cashmere philosophy.

In this formation we will integrate the traditions of BKS Iyengar, traditional yoga and Kashmir Shaivism. As well as tools of Coaching and leadership – personal development.


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