“Breaking with dualisms”
We will work the physical, pranic and energetic body,
Enjoying the intensity of the moment.
Matrika Yoga Pranayama workshop
Pranayama and opening of the heart
This workshop is an opportunity to continue to deepen our practice of yoga, but above all to explore our respiratory process, restorative postures for the opening of the heart, sacrum and different energy points.

We will also share knowledge, learning, experience and self-exploration and try to look at life in a more serene way; exploring our limitations, virtues and gradually going to connect with the experience of the consciousness of being.

Each participant will learn to take care of their physical limitations or simply to continue advancing in their practice to enjoy their full potential.

How is the workshop?

Matrika yoga “rompiendo con los dualismos”
Workshop Program
We will work physical yoga (asana) emphasizing body alignment and breathing (pranayama). We will practice contemplations and meditations from different traditions.

Through questions and answers we will explore together to try to see the world in its different shades. Always avoiding value judgments.

This workshop is ideal for those people, students and teachers who seek to deepen their practice of yoga and self-knowledge through the use of supports such as chairs, blankets, bricks, kuruntas with emphasis on the practice of pranayama, chest-heart opening.

It is convenient that you have practiced yoga beforehand and that you come open / to self-exploration.
Those with specific conditions must communicate them beforehand.

The use of breathing as a healing and expansion tool of consciousness. The break of dualisms in the psyche.
What is pranayama? The difference between breathing exercises and pranayama.
Benefits of the practice of pranayama.
Importance of the practice of pranayama to advance sadhana or yogic practice.
Different types of breathing
Asana practice for work with breathing, chest and heart opening.
Pranayama practices. Within the tradition of traditional Hatha Yoga and Iyengar.
Yoga theory and philosophy that will allow us to delve deeper into the subject of yoga and pranayama.
Correct practice of chanting the mantra om for the elevation of consciousness. We will see how the song of mantras helps in the practice of pranayama. Breathing is a rocket and the mantra is the tip of the rocket.
Meditation practice of Tantric Shivaism of Kashmir, Vijñana Bhairava Tantra. Thanks to the practices of pranayama and the meditations of Kashmir Shivaism, we will clear our mind of the conditions and dualisms to which we have been historically and socially subjected in order to make contact with our pure being.
Influence of the practice of pranayama on the ascension of Kundalini through the chakras. Practice and theory
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