Yoga and Spiritual Dance for Women Pre & post natal
120 hours

Restorative Yoga and Spiritual Dance for Women Pre and Post Natal

  • with Lina Ma and Martha Jap Inder  
  •  12 – 18 april 2021 pre & post natal level I 
  • 13 – 19 october 2021 Menstrual cycle level II
  • 120 hours of training. 60 hours each level.
  • Certified by Yoga Alliance and Yacep (Continuing Education Provider) 

International teachers with extensive training in Iyengar, Restorative Yoga, spiritual dances, traditional tantra, shakta and ancient shamanic wisdom to dive into a deep and comprehensive study of women.

80 hours of trainings in restorative Yoga for women acredited by Yoga Alliance and 40 hours of training in Yoga Dance Veda (Continuing education provider).

A bit of History

Pre and post natal specialised teacher training with spiritual dance.

It is a unique and innovative experience which apart from providing you with the understanding and skills to share  your knowledge with your students, you will perform a journey to self discovery.

You will learn how to work with restorative Yoga to create harmony between the physical, emotional and spiritual body through the use of props such as: chairs, bolsters, belts, wall ropes, blankets, bricks, etc…

In this training we will give special attention to the spiritual dances, use of voice and mantra chanting.

From the philosophy perspective we will study the depths of Kashmir Shaivism (non dual tantra), traditional tantra originally from Kashmir, North of India. From an anthropological perspective we will immerse our selves in the meaning of birth in the ancient traditions and its mythology and archetypal meaning. 

During teaching methodology we will work with therapeutic tools and group dynamics to understand our job and how it is related with physical and energetic anatomy.

The use of props will help us to adjust the postures in a medical and therapeutic way – manner. 

What will you learn?

  • What is restorative Yoga, particularities and how is it applied in the work with women.
  • The detail uses of props (bricks, wall ropes… etc)
  • Asanas and physical postures (standing, sitting, inversions, supine and prone) and the different therapeutical variations.
  • Yoga for pelvic floor. Tools and postpartum closings in the ancestral tradition.
  • Understanding the importance of a detail oriented  and conscious practice for the anatomical and energetical benefit of women.   
  • Tecnics and remedies with medical plants, postures, massages, for delivery and post delivery. 
  • The breath and different pranayama techniques during pregnancy and delivery. 
  • Energetic and physical anatomy and physiology from the yogic and and dance perspective. 
  • Kashmir Shaivism and Mantras during pregnancy. 
  • Karnatic chants for birth. 
  • Moon Cycle, menstrual practices and education.
  • Gestational environment
    Teach women a therapeutic procedure in structural alignment for pregnancy
  • Yoga for fertility
    Placental wisdom
    Learn the correct body alignment in adjustments during pregnancy
  • Spiritual and meditative dances. 
  • Perinatal duels
    Tales and archetypes in the female cycles.
  • Connect with mother earth. 
  • Creation of a pre-delivery ceremony and art therapy.
  • Essential herbs and nutrition for pregnancy and the postpartum cycle.
  • Anatomy, physiology and hormonal changes during pregnancy / delivery and postpartum.
  • Creating awareness of birth options and possibilities
Yoga para la mujer 2018 España Con Lina Ma
Retiro de Yoga en Armenia
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You can attend to both retreats or only one. In other to receive the 80 hours Yoga Alliance Teacher training that enables you to teach Yoga for women pre and post natal you must finish both retreats.  Each retreat provides 60 hours of continuing education training.

12 – 18 april 2021  – level I (60 hours) – Pre & post natal 

Restorative Yoga and Dance Pre and Post Natal. Retreat in Sierra de Gredos. These training is taught in Sierra de Gredos, astonishing serrania in the spanish mountains. This training is taught by Lina Ma, Martha Jap Inder and Pablo Ferrero. 

 1080 euros in Shared Bedroom.

13 october – 19 october 2021 – level II (60 hours) – The menstrual cycle

Restorative Yoga and Dance Pre and Post Natal in a retreat in the mountain ranges of Sierra de Gredos.  This retreat will be taught in Hospedería del Silencio, by Ecocentro.  Teachers will be Lina Ma, Martha Jap Inder and Pablo Ferrero.

1080 euros in shared room. 

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