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We bring Yoga and meditation to public and private schools throughout Spain. Sound travel, art therapy, musician therapy, dance ...

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The current lifestyle significantly influences the growth of children. It is a fact that we live in a constant hyper stimulation of the senses due to the media, technological devices and stressful modern life. We carry a rhythm of life that seems unstoppable, we forget to breathe, our shoulders and back tense. We do not stop running from one place to another, even asleep in our dreams … we keep running.

And you will wonder … What can we do? Who can teach us to change this? In Matrika Yoga there is a group of professionals united by the passion to spread wellness, yogic and meditative practices in all areas of society, creating contexts aimed at new generations, and educational centers that value a healthy lifestyle. , slow and that looks for the welfare of humanity.

We are specialized in Yoga and Mindfulness for children and adolescents. We deeply believe in the broad benefits that these areas offer and the importance of introducing it to their growth, development and learning.

Education does not change the world, it changes the people who are going to change the world.

– Paulo Freire

Offer them unique and special tools and experiences that allow them to grow healthier and happier.

We also offer classes and workshops in sound therapy, improvised dance, music therapy and art therapy. We trust Yoga, mindfulness and the arts as powerful tools for change towards a better future.

Recent studies have shown that Yoga and Meditation in schools increases the quality of education, increases their academic performance, improves the intellectual and emotional development of the student and teaches you to take a breather and live better and more fully.


Some of the many benefits offered by the practice of Yoga and Meditation at school:

  • Improve concentration, memory and attention in the classroom.
  • It helps to recognize emotions, observe them, be aware of them and know how to work them.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety in both students and teachers.
    In-depth development of multiple intelligences (Emotional, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Corporal …)
  • Sensory channels that enhance learning are sharpened
    Increased empathy, improves relationships with others and the climate in the classroom.
  • Students learn to value attention and silence as part of learning
  • It favors the posture and the sensations of the child in the moments of study
  • Develops the brain connection between the two hemispheres
  • Supports conflict resolution
  • It teaches you to know yourself, to know what is good or not for you, it stimulates your personal growth.


  • Group and private Yoga class
  • Yoga workshops (children, adolescents, families)
  • Group and private mindfulness
  • Improvised dance classes
  • Dance workshops.
  • Sound and vibration workshops
  • Yoga for anxiety and stress
  • Private life coaching sessions

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